Open Source Projects

I’m a member of CVXPY‘s core development team

I’m a Wikipedia contributor.

I’m the developer of the sageopt Python package.

Ambulance Fleet Scheduling

In the spring of 2016, my capstone design course group prototyped a system to schedule ambulances for the San Francisco Fire Department. In the summer of 2016 I redesigned the system for enhanced performance, testability, and ease-of-adoption. The code for the system is hosted publicly on BitBucket. Because the schedules need to be generated only a handful of times a year, I am happy to add functionality at the request of cities which use (or want to use) this system. A manuscript providing appropriate background for an operations research professional (or mathematician or computer scientist) is available upon request.

Operations Research Education

While I was President of Berkeley’s chapter of Alpha Pi Mu (the Industrial Engineering honor society) I initiated a project to survey curriculum of IEOR-like majors throughout the United States. The information found during the survey was compiled into a variety of formats which educators (or potential students of IE / OR!) may find helpful. Those materials can be found here.

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