A Survey of Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, and Systems Engineering Curricula.

UC Berkeley’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research is undergoing a strategic planning process to set the department’s direction for the next seven years. In addition to my personal interest in Berkeley’s department of IEOR, I’m also interested in education and curricula in general.

In an effort to make myself a better informed Industrial Engineer, and to provide some useful information to the department, I organized a group of Alpha Pi Mu members to do some digging and learn how other IE* departments structure their programs.

Analogs to required UCB IEOR courses: This document organizes courses by category, and covers courses that are required by UC Berkeley’s Department of IEOR. Some elective requirements are set in such a way that a topic (e.g. production systems) cannot be avoided, but unless the course is specifically required- it is not included in this document.

Courses Required by Programs Other Than UC Berkeley’s Department of IEOR: This document organizes courses by category, and covers courses not directly required by UC Berkeley’s Department of IEOR.

IE Curriculum Research for sharing: This document covers all schools surveyed, and presents that schools coursework in chronological order (when an order was available).

Official Program Requirements: These are some of the source documents used to construct the three documents above.
*In fact, IE, IEOR, ORIE, IME, ISyE, ISE, OR, MS&E, and a few other acronyms were covered.

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